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Individual Counselling

In individual counselling, with one-to-one support, people objectively process the challenges they bring to therapy. Having an empathic, safe and neutral witness to share one’s struggles with provides the opportunity for healing and a positive inquiry into the individual’s capacity for strength and resiliency. The counsellor works to support people in recognizing any internalized self-criticism that may be preventing them from moving forward. As humans, we sometimes develop harmful behaviors as a means of coping. Counselling invites people to consider whether some of their coping strategies or behaviors may no longer be serving them. Therapy helps to support the development of new more positive ways of managing. These compassionate conversations provide the opportunity for people to appreciate their strengths and honor their ability to develop a more positive sense of self.

Couples Counselling

Couples counselling offers partners the opportunity to explore their perceptions, hopes and concerns about the relationship in a safe and neutral environment. The counsellor supports both parties in recognizing the individual and often complimentary strengths they each bring to the relationship. The goals of couples work can be to foster a greater sense of emotional connection and relationship satisfaction. This is done by developing an appreciation for how problematic relationship patterns and communication challenges may be leaving the couple feeling stuck, unable to work through struggles and move forward with their partnership. Relationship therapy encourages partners to work collaboratively in order to overcome a variety of challenges including: relationship transitions, infidelity, fertility & co-parenting, unmet emotional needs, intimacy & sex, roles & responsibilities, frequent arguments characterized by anger, defensiveness or blaming and separation & divorce. Relationship counselling is offered to those of all gender identities and sexual orientations.

Family Therapy

In family counselling the therapist creates a neutral and safe space for all family members to have a voice in the therapeutic process. This provides the opportunity for the development of increased understanding of one another’s needs and experiences within the family structure. The counsellor invites the family to take an objective perspective in exploring the family system and recognizing dynamics and patterns that may be rendering them stuck in conflict. Family members are encouraged to recognize the unique strengths individuals bring to the family and their capacity to build resources and work together towards solutions. Some of the struggles brought to family work may include: grief & loss, separation & divorce, household rules & expectations, persistent conflict, parent-teen mediation and other communication challenges.

Counselling for Young People

In addition to talk-therapy, the counsellor uses other creative therapies such as art and play therapy to support children and adolescents through the therapeutic process. Young people face many challenges at home or at school which may include: peer relationships & bullying, the loss of a loved one, family transitions like separation & divorce, worry & anxiety, sadness & depression, low self-esteem, body image & disordered eating, self-harm and drugs & alcohol. The counsellor serves as an adult ally in the child’s life by providing a safe and neutral space to work through struggles. Through this therapeutic relationship the young person is provided the opportunity for healing and the development of positive strategies, which support lasting change.

Professional Workplace Support

When individual professionals feel supported, collaborative and cohesive teams develop, which helps to sustain healthy workplace environments. A counsellor can provide consultation and group facilitation to support teams that may benefit from guidance related to: resisting professional ‘burnout’, conflict resolution & mediation, critical incident debriefing, respectful communication, supporting diversity and developing team solidarity & positive workplace dynamics. Team support can be hosted at Aumakua for small groups or through community outreach to your offices.

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